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Bodyguard & Assassins


It is about history of Dr Sun Yat-sen, Father of Modern China. Last Sunday morning, i watched the film ( the only malay) at Jaya Jusco Bukit Tinggi, Klang at 11.20am. First of all, frustrated Avatar tif all-out fully in-house. Anyway, I won't regret as well i did learn previously the history of Dr Sun Yat-sen school time. So, why not just have a look if it is nice to watch. With no regret!!! It is a Good Film to watch rather than Storm Warrior. Please do watch this film "Bodyguard & Assassin", the purity of life, pride & prejudice....also sacrife of blood and living to protect one person "Dr Sun Yat-sen". And it is a new beginning life People Republic of China.

The History:-
Sun Yat-Sen [12 Nov 1866 - 12 March 1925] was a Chinese revolutionary and political leader. As the foremost pioneer of Republican China, Sun is frequently referred to as the Father of Nation. Sun played instrumental role in overthrowing the Qing Dynasty in October 1911, the last imperial dynasty of China. He was the first provisional president of China when the Republic of China was founded in 1912 and later co-founded the Kuomintang where he served as its first leader. Sun was uniting figure in post-imperial China and remains unique among 20th Century Chinese politicians for being widely revered in both mainland China and Taiwan.
Although Sun is considered one of the greatest leaders of modern China, his political life was one of constant struggle and frequent exile. After the success of the revolution, he quickly fell out of power in the newly founded Republic of China, and led successive revolutionary governments as a challenge to the warlords who controlled much of the nation. Sun did not live to see his party consolidate its power over the country. His party, which formed a fragile alliance with Communists, split into two factions after his death. Sun's chief legacy resides in his developing a political philosophy known as the THREE PRINCIPLES OF THE PEOPLE (The People's Relation/Connection, The People's Power and People's Livelihood/Welfare, or something known as nationalism/sovereignty, democracy and socialism/populism/livelihood depending on the translation).
Dr Sun Yat-Sen family photo.

The Film:-
The Pitch - 1906, city of Victoria (British Colony of Hong Kong) in five hours, in the distance of thirteen blocks, the one man who holds a nation's fate must survive relentless attempts on his life with only eight bodyguards to protect him. Against hundreds of assassins, these men must put their courage to the test in order to protect he hopes of millions in this perilous night even it it means fighting to death!

The Story - Before Dr Sun Yat-Sen can become the Father of Modern China by instigating the revolution of 1911 that overthrows the Qing Dynasty, his life is almost cut short on the date of October 15, 1906 when he arrives at Hong Kong for a secret meeting to establish a united anti-Qing revolutinary front.
Prior to his arrival, an elite army of assassins have been dispatched by Qing Court to ensure that Dr Sun does not leave the British Colony alive. Men with lethal weapons are posted everywhere thirteen blocks along the way from the pier where Dr Sun is about to land.

The Bodyguards & Actors:
1- The Gambler, a gambling addict who is indecisive whether he should support the Qing or the revolutionaries. (actor : Donnie Yen)
2- The Begger, an opium addict trying to escape from his past as the prodigal son from a rich family. (actor: Leon Lai)
3- The Rickshaw Man, the local tycoon's chauffeur and bodyguard, a loyal and humble man, hopelessly in love with the daughter of a rich merchant. (actor: Nicholas Tse)
4- The Diva, an opera performer who turns out to be a Wing Chun master and descendant of the Tai Ping revolutionaries. (actor: Li Yu chun)
5- The Hawker, a tofu vendor and former Shaolin martial arts disciple. (actor: Mengkee Beteer)
6- The Tycoon - actors: Wang Xueqi
7- The Revolutinary - actors: Tony Leung Ka Fai
8- The Policeman - actors: Eric Tsang.
9- The Fugitive - actors: Siman Yam
10- The Concubine - actors: Fan Bing Bing
11- The Heir - actors : Wang Po-Chieh
Over the course of five hours within a single day, their friendship, convictions and abilities are sorely tested as they fight selflessly to protect a man they barely know. Although they are ultimately slaughtered one after another by the ruthless assassins, these bodyguards have together fulfilled their mission by saving Dr Sun's life. They never consider themselves revolutionaries or even heroes, but the gruesome sacrifices of their anonymous lives have irrevocably chaned the course of world history.

I don't care what people says especially on that day I watched the film. You want to know why??? Frankly, im the only one malay person watched the film (wearing tudung) & maybe other chinese guys feel weird and some of them look at me?? Who cares?? Ada angah kesah? I love history... not only Tanah Melayu even all history in the world i really enjoy to read & know each other even make life better and to appreciate life and living nowadays.

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