Saturday, February 21, 2009

wishing for love

daydreaming of love
wishing i had love
love one day will come

wake up with love on my mind
holding my lover's hand
long walks through the park
kissing my lover without a thought

only, if i have a lover
to have by my side to hold
and squeeze any day or night.

i'm crying at night for love
love that will last a life time
love that makes my heart sing.

i'm praying to god everynight
to find love express love
to show love unconditionally
that agape love

love is like a dream
love put you in a daze
love is joy

love can put a smile on your face
when you have nothing to smile about.

one day love will come my way
with out a thought.

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dear frens,
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luv u...always.. make my day be brighter.