Friday, January 30, 2009

Gosh!! Help me!! Im in stress...tension.. I jump!! U jump!!

Dear blog...hehehe..what can i say?? I'm really in stressfull at this moment. Oooo my goodness, feel like to vommit everythings that i ate but still cannot come out. This week a few of my workers says "GOODBYE" .. resigned without information i really get fade-up at this this situation.
Well.. this all about the MONEY!! Sales and customer order not so good since last year (November), so every single things cost down, cut off overtime, cut off electrical, cut off working hour... all cut off. Can i 'Cut Off' my boss... Silly question isn't it?
Anyway, i'm still here.. no matter what can I do at this moment. Just listening the vocalist of course my boss la... shouting, yelling at the operator.. hope he can stop talking!! All about business.
Anyway, i'm still here... as long as he is not yelling @ shouting at me, i'm still with my career.
Dare 'he' to yell at me??? Hehehehehehehe....... still has passion here...maybe forever.
Anyway, i'm still here.... with my job, still with my bossy eventhou nowadays quite tough to run the show. 'If I were a boy'... nice song from beyonce, of course I'll 'fire' my worker that don't have responsible upon their job.
Anyway, i'm still here........

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