Sunday, April 26, 2009

AF7 - WEEK 7.

As we know, Concert Af7 Wk7 features 7 lucky & "talented" students?? Watch out this week concert either they are really talented as singer cum performer. Who are the 7 lucky students : Hafiz, Akim, Aril, Yazid, Aishah, Claudia & Isma.
Personally, frankly speaking as usual the concert still like ting tong...up & down..still boring * the students seems to be too lame in the 'comfort zone' but then... ermmm... boys better then gurlz at this moment..
Thus..opening song "FIONA" let's hear it from the boys.

Anyway somebody must out tonite==>> ARIL IS OUT??!! come?? This 2 weeks Aril performed much better than the gurlz..suppose to be out. For sure the daily dairy will be boring without Aril the talkative & the most happenning person at academy. A..WOKKK!!! Last nite, Aril such cute person with his Peter Pan ears..hehehe..was his last concert after all. All the best bro!!
Aril - Nakal

Aril is OUT!

Akim - Situasi

Gugurlz...uikk!!! Maybe it just his attitude / stylo.. This week performance = WOW! Errmm.. he has a Rock Element inside. Go indie!! Perform with soul & fully energy..but please no gugurlz..."

Yazid - With / without U...

Personally, I like yazid attitude especially for the nite. He grabbed the emotion, feeling towards the song. Great job.. at least u did prove u can sing English song...hehehe.. Luv his hair..raggae ...."

Hafiz - Kau Yang Punya..

Actually that song so nice to hear, rap + soul + r&b sung by Mallique feat Najwa & Lah. But the true about this song is not too familiar to Malaysian fan. Even I don't think so they have had heard this song before. Myself, it takes about more than a week to feel the song especially the lyrics. Nice try Hafiz..should thanks to Aril ..."

Claudia -When u're Gone

As well... claudia did her role. Anyway, must have 'magic' in herself to attract the audience & more influence of her attitude.

Isma - Tak mungkin Kerna Sayang and so... NAK TIDO!!!

Aishah - Flora Cinta

I really luv this song from Min Malik...those were the days!!! But Aishah..what's going on?? Very the very... dissapointed ... not only coz of pitching even nothing perform by her... INFINITI!!! Really upset.. She's cute but from hero to zero...

Untuk mu - The Gurgurlzz

At last ... hey gurgurlz.. ( isma. aishah & claudia) please... don't ever play upon your "comfort zone" coz the true is OUT THERE!!.. Maybe u can play safe at the concert but thus, the moment you join the others the reality life to be as Singer @ artiste it is not ez as what u thinking about. The challenging of real life!!! Is to challenge your ability towards the righteous & commitment.

The results [after concert]: Hafiz - 17 %, Isma - 17 %, Aishah - 15%, Yazid - 15 %, Akim - 14 %, Claudia - 11 % dan Aril - 11 %.

That's All Folk!!!!

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